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As to music genre: Most definitely dylanesque.
The Urban dictionary says having the qualities of Bob Dylan.
Well I would add to that two other Dylans: the poet Dylan Thomas and me.
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Buffalo Rising is a group of 5 family members (Dylan, Wendy, Kes, Nirvana, and Tarot), with original songs and music that nurture the growth of spirit and soul. The lyrics and music present a sacred space where personal and spiritual growth can be accessed. The songs strive to create a space where youth and adult consciousness is intelligent and aware of social, ecological, and spiritual issues. Buffalo Rising's name is derived from the image of a time when the buffalo will again be abundant on the prairie and when men and women will treat each other and the earth with respect and love.

Dylan Stephens (husband) - electric/acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriter
The founder of Infinite SOULutions Foundation. He had a recording contract with Columbia Records in the 60's. He was in the graduating class of President Clinton, Georgetown Class'68 and recently attended their 30th reunion at the White House. Dylan graduated with a B. S. in Physics. He is a 25 year student of Gurdjieff having studied under Wilhem Nyland in upstate New York. We was also a student of Dr. Barbara Thiering for whom he built a the Pesher Technique webspace. He has now written his own web site also called Pesher of Christ presenting an new Christian paradigm (using the name he invented: Pesher of ChristTM). His grandfather, Thomas E. Stephens, who was a good friend of Dwight D. Eisenhower and taught him how to paint, painted the portraits of  Eisenhower in the Hall of Presidents at the National Portrait gallery and of George C. Marshall , of Winston Churchill, and others. His uncle, Richard Waring, was a Hollywood actor who played next to Bette Davis in "Mr. Skefington" and Katherine Hepburn in the Stratford Shakespeare festivals.

In the 60's when my group the Grey Company with our Columbia Recording contract was playing at the Gerde's Folk City in Greenwich Village where Bob Dylan started, I had written a song called Dandelions and, as our group the Grey Company was playing it there, the Stones came out with their Dandelion song. Synchronicity!!!!!!

Wendy Stephens (wife) - vocals, songwriter
She is a Social Worker with a Master of Fine Arts/Art Therapy degree. She studied under the medicine man: "Man with Ravens" for two years participating in a four day fasting vision quest on Mt. Ranier. She is a painter.

Kes Stephens (son) - electric bass and bowed stand-up bass. He is also an actor like his great uncle Richard Waring, the Hollywood actor who appeared with Bette Davis.

Nirvana Stephens Guernsey (daughter) - flute, ocarina, pan flute
Graduated from Western Washington University with a Masters in Music Performance. She is second flute in the Whatcom Symphony, Bellingham, WA

Tarot Stephens (son) - drums and other types of percussion.
He graduated from Plymouth University, England with a Bachelor of Science degree. He is now a solicitor in London.

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