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As to music genre: Most definitely dylanesque(the Urban dictionary says having the qualities of Bob Dylan).
Add to that two other Dylans: the poet Dylan Thomas and me.

This song writer Dylan Stephens (all songs and copyright are his; a few collaborated with Wendy Stephens) was signed i 1968 by Columbia Records with his group The Grey Company (Lord of the Rings) with Dylan (guitar), his sister Gillian (harp, flute) and Gary Glover (drums) and his brother Wesley (bass). Later it became a family group Buffalo Rising: (Dylan (guitar), his wife Wendy (vocals), son Kes (bass), daughter Nirvana (flute), and so Tarot (drums). Buffalo Rising's name is derived from the image of a time when the buffalo will again be abundant on the prairie and when men and women will treat each other and the earth with respect and love.
My YouTube site: oldiesbutdillies is because the songs go back to when I was 16 and folk rock/Rolling Stones/Beatles were king and clearly they are dillies (dylanesque). Perhaps it will be again!!
As you can see these songs are not commercial, but rather nurture the growth of spirit and soul and sacred space where personal and spiritual growth can be accessed. The songs strive to create a space where youth and adult consciousness is intelligent and aware of social, ecological, and spiritual issues.
There is another component to this site which are my lectures on spirituality: Please go to Gurdjieff lectures and others

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